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Hi! My name is Jessica Gonzalez ! I am an innovation developer, product designer & business consultant. I have been awarded international prizes for my designs

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"Outstanding ability for making innovation happen! Designing and launching products in multicultural environments and working with cross-functional teams! Actively doing my part for creating a better world! Hobby of amazing, inspiring & improving people's lives worldwide!"Passionate about innovation! Adore challenges & maximizing ROI! You can follow me (Jessica Gonzalez) on my Twitter account @Musequisamuse to receive interesting innovation news & trends!Innovation should involve creating a practical, sustainable and attractive solution that offers an extra sensorial experience that becomes unforgettable and almost promotes itself at the speed of a buzz! Challenging paradigms, making the uncertain become a certain success! In order to create radical & disruptive innovation, corporate strategy should be willing to accept diversity in their human capital and professional backgrounds!My design philosophy is an experience that goes way beyond an aesthetical appearance that will become an unforgettable experience! Something catches your eye. First you glimpse at it just for a second then you let go. You can't fool yourself you need to see it again. This time you stare at it a bit longer, a smile forms in your lips. Butterflies fly all around your stomach banging with each other. You find it surprising, amazing and enchanting all at once. Thud, thud, thud without explanation your heart starts beating a bit stronger. You feel so alive! You can't believe it! All your life you have been waiting for this and thought it only existed in your dreams! You realize that from now on, you just can't live without it. Specialties innovation,product development, design, research, open innovation,CAD design, intellectual property management, project management, team coordination, working with multicultural multidisciplinary teams, developing business strategy, developing efficient working methods for teamwork, creative writing, marketing, reliability, leadership, branding, continuous improvement, information architecture, interactive design, fast learner, achiever, negotiation,creation, development and business expansion.

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Travel, Innovation, Business, Storytelling, Adventure, Design, Art, Culture, Wine, Gastronomy, Animals, Tango, Helping People and Learning new things.

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